Initially bred for chasing foxes from the dens and burrows, the Jack Russell terrier is first and foremost a working dog. This very fact will put many prospective pet owners off choosing a Jack Russell as a household pet. This report aims to dispel the myths about JRTs and provide an insight into what this energetic little dog is all about. If you want more detail about Jack Russell terrier you can visit

The Jack Russell Terrier - The Big Dog in a Little Dog's Body

Jack Russell Terriers Are Only Allergic to Farm Life

Not so. Provided she's given the opportunity to burn some energy a few times every day, a JRT will gladly spend the remainder of her time in the feet (or about the horn) of her owner. 1 thing to keep in

Mind, however, is in case you spoil your Jack Russell and do not give her lots of exercises, she'll get fat. This strain doesn't know the idea of "complete" and will literally keep ingesting "till they pop".

Jack Russell Terriers are Vicious

JRTs are absolutely protective dogs and she'll shield you if she thinks you're at all. It's quite uncommon to get a JRT to bite people without provocation, and you'll often discover that she'll chastise with a protracted growl and no longer. When around other puppies, female dogs especially could be rather nasty with different dogs, irrespective of their size.

Thus, it's crucial that you're confident in your ability to restrain the dog. In case you've trained her well and she's your esteem, a very simple leave command should steer clear of any prospective dog fights.

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