We know that as high carbohydrate and fat intake can lead to obesity, so for those consuming a nutritionally balanced diet to stay fit, sugary and junk foods may not be a very good choice, but definitely, protein is. It’s because proteins help to burn the stubborn body fat much more effectively, make us feel less hungry. Our body also burns more calories to digest proteins than fats or carbs, thus making us lose weight. The three week diet reviews will give you a more clear idea on weight loss. Here is a list of 10 different foods, enriched with proteins:


They contain high protein content, especially the whole eggs which are extremely important part of a high protein diet. Egg whites are full of proteins.


All types of fish, especially tuna and others like salmon, anchovies, halibut.

Cottage Cheese

It contains a high amount of protein casein and is comparatively low in fats. Others like parmesan cheese and Swiss cheese also contain proteins in them.

Mixed nuts

Especially almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and cashews.


Chicken and turkey breasts.


Broccoli, potato, and spinach.


They contain 9g proteins per 100g.


A high-protein whole grain.

Greek Yogurt

Do you know that greek yogurt has more proteins than normal yogurt? Sure it does.


Avocadoes, guavas, and pomegranates are some of the fruits that are rich in protein.


If you’re really serious about eating healthy foods that will never make you fat, stick to these foods.

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